Telaina Eriksen

Telaina Eriksen

Selected Publications

Moving Day, Spectre Review,  Volume 4,  2022

The Consequences’ Banquet,  Writer’s Playground,  2022

Without Mercy,  REO Town Reading Anthology,  2020

For Remembering How to Live Without You,  Under the Sun,  2016

Brag,  The Fem,  2016

Palms Up,  The Manifest Station,  2015

Fomorian,  The Good Men Project,  2015

Channeling Sabina,  ARS Medica,  2014

When You Try to Write Your Story,  Jaded Ibis Press,  2013

Love Me Forever, But Not Like That,  Recovering the Self,  2012

Oatmeal Cream Pie,  poemmemoirstory,  2010

Incurring,  Two Hawks Quarterly,  2008