The End of Daily Parenting

  Dear Mr. President, I said, Dear Dean, Dear Husband, Dear Our Father, Dear Tax Collector, you don’t know me. I don’t know what I am, but whatever it is, you can’t have me. –Irene McKinney, At 24   In less than a month, my youngest graduates from high school. I think I’ve had senioritis […]

Boundaries and Emotional Work in Families

It’s been a busy summer and my extended family, as well as my nuclear family, have had a lot going on. Two of my sisters, my niece, and my great-nephew have moved to Michigan. It’s really fun having more family in the state, but it was also really stressful getting everyone here and settled. Because […]

MI Pride

Yesterday, I attended Michigan Pride for the first time as a vendor. Since I didn’t know how sales tax and all that worked for an individual, I approached Everybody Reads and asked if I could sell books and other Pride merchandise through them at my table. They agreed (they are so great to work with). […]


I’ve received such support in the last few months since Unconditional has come out! It seems like in the really good times (and in the really bad times) we treasure even more our family and friends and the support and love they offer us. I feel like such a lucky person to be surrounded by […]